untold secret kahkah

Just an ordinary grown-up eighteen years old girl and a proud muslim who has big dreams and is always eager and motivated to continue to pursue her dreams. A SPM leaver who is awaiting the SPM results announced on 3/3/16. She always thought that all people are free to speak and give opinions and she is willing to accept advice. She often complained but always try her best to not give up. Among her biggest dream is to travel to new places, learn new languages and meet new people. She likes to imagine about things and a quiet & comfortable places and always dreamed to go there. She is the second of four siblings and she is the most emotional human being that has ever existed in the world.

Besides eating and sleeping, blogging is part of her hobby. She learned about blogging since 2011 when she was 13 and never thought about quitting. She loves art, crafts, drawing, painting, build things, but chose to study pure science in secondary school. This blog will be filled with tales about her life. You are welcome to read and learn. tehee

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