20 tiny things that makes us feel happy

20 of those tiny things that makes us feel happy without us hardly even noticing it :)
[ Part 2 ]
  1. When the traffic lamp changes to green after a long time.
  2. When there is no line at the McDonald's drive-through. 
  3. When you find a lucky penny. 
  4. When you smell good. 
  5. When you go into Starbucks and smell that great coffee smell.
  6. When you read out a book.
  7. When the radio plays your favorite song.
  8. When you lay into your bed and feel like the day is finally over. 
  9. When the alarm clock rings and you notice it's actually weekend. 
  10. When you can stay up late because you are free next day. 
  11. When you've got nothing to do but watch TV all day. 
  12. When you notice there is only 10 more days until your birthday.
  13. When it's your turn to take out the trash but someone already have done it for you. 
  14. When you get a cold drink on a hot summer day. 
  15. When your feet touches sand. 
  16. When your feet starts to move for the rhythm of the song. 
  17. When you get the last blueberry muffin.
  18. When you finally find out what to do on a boring afternoon. 
  19. When you get a request/message/notification on Facebook. 
  20. When you wake up and it's sunny outside. 
  21. When you go through your old pictures and remember all those things that happened in the past. 

There is always something you can be happy for. So dont be sad. hee


Watch your words, dude.