21 Hints of life

[ Part 1 ]

1. Live- for today with tomorrow in mind
2. Laugh- until it hurt and dont care how loud
3. Love- is confusing but if you go with what your HEART say and not what your FRIENDS say it will always turn out rite
4. Sing- your favorite song super loud
5. Dance- like no one is watching because you may never be able to dance again
6. Forget- they people that aren't worth your time
7. Remember- the place that you come from and all the loved ones there
8. People- change so move on
9. Go- crazy not caring what your friends think because if they were true friends they wont care
10. Never- forget someone that once made your smile
11. Regret- nothing that made you feel good
12. Change- the world if the world tries to change you
13. Smile- when your happy because someone mite be falling in love with it
14. Cry- behind closed doors so no one will ever see you at your weakest
15. Scream- when your angry
16. Hide- never from the one you love
17. Always- tell the person you like/love that you do because....
18. Tomorrow- ....is never promised
19. Grant- friendship to those who deserve it
20. Forgive- those who mean it and wont make the SAME mistake because no one is perfect

21. Take- life like it is and shake off the drama and prove to those who tell you that you "can't do it" that you can.

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