25 tiny things that makes us feel happy

Another 25 of those tiny things that makes us feel happy without us hardly even noticing it :) 
[ Part 1 ]

1. Food
2. Video Games
3. Crushes
4. Friends
5. Cell Phones
6. Scary movies that turn out to be funny.
7. First love.
8. Staying Up Late.
9. Presents.
10. Candy
11. Straight A's.
12. Making cookies without directions and having them turn out good.
13. Being able to cuss when your parents are not around.
14. Your pet having babies.
15. Savoring your favorate food.
16. Riding a scary rollercoster and not throwing up.
17. Reading a really good book.
18. Hearing your favorate song on the radio.
19. Waking up to find that you have an extra hour to sleep in.
20. Finding money on the ground.
21. Wishing on a shooting star.
22. Getting a text message from the most popular guy in your grade asking you out.
23. Ice cream on a hot day.
24. Drinking hot chocolate after playing in the snow.
25. Having all of these happen to you in one day :D


Watch your words, dude.